1. basic policy
  2. Fukuoka Summer Cup Executive Committee and its members (or less U22), in the management of social media official account, in compliance with its own internal regulations laws and U22-defined, you try to highly transparent communication as sensible organization.

  3. awareness and responsibility in the transmission of information by social media
  4. ・ Once calling the content is a possible unspecified number of user access with all backgrounds and circumstances, always conscious of the fact that there is a possibility to stay in forever.
    ・ In the information transmission, be strict compliance with the observance of its own internal regulations laws and U22-defined.
    ・ Fully aware of the fact that the transmission of information of each individual has an influence.
    ・ And appropriate information Outgoing, strong ties with society and the user, be aware that there is a possibility to bring a contribution to the improvement of the brand of the U22.

  5. mental attitude of when social media leverage
  6. ・ Do not forget the attitude of listening to the remarks of the other party.
    ・ Information dissemination and support to have a responsibility, attention should be given so as not to give the misunderstanding.
    ・ In accordance with confidentiality obligations, that you do not publish the confidential information other organizations outside of confidential information.
    ・ And personal information privacy transmission, including content related to it to refrain from.
    ・ Once the public information is, to understand that that can not be removed completely.
    ・ Good sense sincere act as a group (corresponding) to things.
    ・ To fulfill their responsibilities in the day-to-day operations.

  7. compliance of laws and regulations
  8. To comply with various laws and regulations. In particular, copyright, portrait rights of a third party, the third party of honor by slander, it is not performed other rights infringement. If you want to quote the outgoing content and articles, etc. of a third party, to be explicitly the origin and citations.

  9. guidance and hope to the tournament participants and users of everyone
  10. U22 all of the information originating from the official account does not have necessarily represent the official announcement, opinion of the U22. Please note. And conduct the information originating in the U22 official site for the formal announcement.

    Also, if you find the corresponding ways of (reply availability and response time and means) is different is by seeing if the account, but sorry to trouble you, for each of the operations, please refer to the social media official account list.

    Please see the privacy policy of U22 for the protection of personal information ※.

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    Fukuoka Summer Cup Executive Committee (U22) social media official account

    2016 July 1, revised
    2016 June 25, enacted